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Case study: Enhancing advice with Class consolidated portfolios

Accounting firm Perks is a longstanding member of the South Australian business community, approaching 30 years old. But a look inside the firm is also a peak into the future of how accountants [...]

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Super Reforms and SMSF Administration Challenges for Accountants

Kevin Bungard, CEO, Class

July 1 has come and gone and most of the Super Reforms are in force.

Accountants are now swamped with work implementing the Reforms and putting in place strategies for [...]

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Technology Makes “Whole of Wealth” Advice a Reality

SMSF trustees hold, on average, as much wealth outside their SMSF as inside, not including the family home.

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Future Proof Your Business at Class Connect 2017

This year has been a tumultuous time for the accounting profession, particularly those who administer SMSFs.

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Elon Musk’s Neuralink means automation won’t kill accounting

Thomas Paule

Elon Musk is known these days for many ideas, from ubiquitous electric cars and solar roofs to spaceships to Mars and winding tunnels underneath the surface of Los Angeles. But it’s [...]

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St Vincent de Paul CEO Sleepout

This year I am taking part in the St Vincent de Paul CEO Sleepout in Sydney on 22 June.  Along with other CEOs, I’ll be sleeping outdoors for one night to draw attention to the issue of [...]
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Cloud Software Adoption is Critical for SMSF Businesses

The adoption of cloud technology for SMSF administration is not just a good idea, it is increasingly becoming essential and a critical enabler of business growth and productivity.

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Older SMSF Members The Big Losers from Reforms

Australians with SMSFs, particularly those aged over 49, will be much harder hit by the Super Reforms than government statistics suggest, and will be looking to their accountant and adviser to [...]

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Data Analytics a Boon for SMSF Businesses

The digitisation of the economy and the growth in the volume of data produced is phenomenal. IDC has predicted that between 2014 and 2020, the amount of data in the digital universe would grow [...]

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Income Protection Inside Super vs Outside

Income protection insurance will provide a regular monthly income whilst unable to work due to sickness or accidents.

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