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Innovation Briefing with Rocky Scopelliti

Hosted by Rocky Scopelliti

Rocky Scopelliti is a world-renowned futurologist. His pioneering behavioural economics research on the...

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Navigating Technology Choices

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting and Implementing a Cloud-based SMSF Administration Solution

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Class Demo Webinar

Class Super is not your typical SMSF admin software. It's unique design and unmatched automation removes SMSF administration headaches...

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Trust Talk Webinar

The Future of Trust Accounting & Administration

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Investment Trusts

Investment trusts: The new growth frontier in accounting

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Five Stages of SMSF Success

What type of SMSF practice are you?

To thrive in this new era of helping SMSFs, you can’t get stuck in your old ways.
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Seven Things Your SMSF Clients Judge You On

Ever increasing complexity means most individuals can't run their SMSFs without professional support. As the industry matures, it's...

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Modern SMSF Administration

How to Embrace Digital Automation & New Service Models

A guide for SMSF accountants and planners, this eBook covers:

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The key benefits of regular SMSF processing

The introduction of new super rules has changed the playbook for administering self managed super funds (SMSFs). Sticking to the old...

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Class Benchmark Reports

Class Annual Benchmark Report 2021

Understanding SMSF resilience in a time of constant change

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How Class is implementing the recent super changes

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How to handle unusual assets in your SMSF

Investors often talk about running a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) being difficult or risky. This is probably because trustees...

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