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Podcast - Key Insights from SMSF Benchmark Report Dec 17 - Do pension SMSFs match their stereotypes?

By Class - 9 March 2018

The SMSF Academy has released a podcast with Aaron Dunn talking with Kevin Bungard, CEO of Class Limited, about key insights from the recent release of the Class SMSF Benchmark Report - December 2017 which explores the topic of pensions and whether they match their SMSF stereotype

With pension-paying funds now representing half of the SMSF sector today, the characteristics vary significantly from the average and median data typically outlined by the ATO each year in their SMSF statistical overview. Aaron and Kevin discuss some of the insights from the report, including areas for practitioners to be focused on and how these fund’s act and operate differently from those SMSFs with a far younger member profile.

In the podcast, Aaron and Kevin also talk about the value of what this data is telling us and why it is so critical today in helping to shape the conversation of the SMSF industry with policy settings into the future – in particular with the creation of the SMSF Association’s think tank created in conjunction with the Regulator and several foundation members.

You can listen to the podcast with Kevin Bungard, CEO of Class, Aaron Dunn here.

Click here to download the Class SMSF Benchmark Report - December 2017
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